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What Readers Are Saying:

"Schwab is knowledgable about her topic and presents the fundamentals clearly ... a solid, highly readable guide to the key components of responsible financial planning at all stages of life, with lucid concepts in terms that enlighten without intimidating." ~ Kirkus Reviews


"As a young professional managing my money is extremely difficult due to student loans and other bills. Finances are a topic that many young adults my age are not interested in discussing, simply because they are scared of the topic. What Anne did in her book, was make a scary topic, not so scary. She did an excellent job discussing easy and manageable ways to avoid going into debt and structuring your finances in a way that will benefit you. I thought the book was an easy enjoyable read." ~ Julie M.


"I found this book to be a must read for any woman seeking a deeper understanding of financial matters. It clearly outlines financial principles on wealth, debt reduction and money accumulation. Anne made these subjects clear and precise. I have bought a copy for each of my daughters to read. I highly recommend the book. " ~ Lance Kammes


"There are many terms that I've heard but didn't really understand their meaning. This book did a great job of explaining those terms and concepts. I found it to be a valuable resource." ~ Holly K.


"Great book! Helpful information for me. I am a young women buying my first home and can trust the information in the book." ~ C. P.

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